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Your cloud reselling on autopilot

Ripple takes over the grunt work of managing your clients' cloud invoicing and billing so that you can focus on your reselling business
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How Ripple helps you resell the Cloud better

Automating your cloud billing across multiple cloud providers

Avoid invoicing nightmares

Automatically calculate and allocate costs, refunds and credits, etc. for each end-client according to predefined settings

Widen your profit margins

Lowers procurement cost and increases profit by utilising discounted resources effortlessly

Improve client engagement

Ripple offers a dashboard for your
end-clients to monitor and optimise their cloud usage on their own

Improving the experience of cloud reselling and client management


Besides automated invoicing based on various custom configurations, Ripple helps you to keep track of your transaction volumes, procurement cost and profit margins across all of your clients

Cost distribution and allocation

Refunds, fees, credits, and other specific cost has never been easier. Ripple will handle various type of cost calculation method in order to manage cloud cost accurately and efficiently

Multi-cloud support

Ability to combine costs from multiple clouds such as AWS, Azure, and GCP into one invoice

Grouping cost management in any unit

By grouping AWS, Azure, GCP accounts in any unit, you can monitor costs and issue invoices by department or project


Wave is a cost dashboard feature provided within Ripple to enable your end-clients to access and monitor their daily cloud cost usage

Identify idle resource and excessive cost

Wave's visualisation provides visibility of wastage from multiple accounts and tags from multiple cloud providers

Budget setting and cost forecasting

You and your clients are able to set budget for any period based on actual and forecasted data

Stay updated with your cost through alerts

Be alerted when you or your clients' cost exceeds a defined threshold


Aqua offers cost optimisation functionalities for you as a MSP and your clients to better manage their resources and discounts

Cost utilisation report

View the usage status of the instances, Reserved Instances, Savings Plans to understand the amount of reduction in usage fees

Instance right-sizing

Aqua will recommend the optimal type and size based on your instance usage status

Expiration alert

Be alerted before your Reserved Instances and Savings Plans expires to prevent lost opportunities due to omission of purchase

Ripple helps cloud resellers cut costs and boost profits.
of manual tasks reduced
of procurement cost reduced

Utilised by leading organisations around the world

Now, we can allocate our resources that were previously devoted to cost management to work that creates added value to our customers whilst providing accurate feedback to our customers.

Ms. Yoko Kamimura

Cloud Technology Department, TOKAI Communications Corporation

Our team is free from the monthly billing jobs that have zero tolerance for mistakes and is now able to focus on jobs that drive business impact more.

Ms. Tomomi Yoshida

Sales Support Team

SkyArch Networks Inc.

The SaaS solutions from Alphaus for billing management and cloud cost optimization provide us with the requisite tools, information, and intelligence to achieve these seamlessly. These tools are integral to our operations and in use 24/7. Alphaus’ Wave and Ripple go a long way in helping maximize ROI, one of the key value propositions for moving to the cloud.

Andy Waroma

Co-Founder & Co-Managing Director, Ollion (formerly Cloud Comrade)

We believe that Ripple was essential in addressing the rapid increase in users at that time.

Takayuki Umino
Solution Business Headquarters, Data Center & Cloud Services Division, Head of Division

Koji Hamada
Solution Business Headquarters, Data Center & Cloud Services Division, Cloud Strategy Group

Head of Division: Solution Business Headquarters, Data Center & Cloud Services Division

With Alphaus solutions to automate operations related to cloud costs and realizing cost optimization, we are now able to concentrate on operations that can add value to our customers. From now on, we will implement cost reductions by increasing the frequency of purchasing RIs and SPs so that we can further add value to our customers.

Mr. Naoki Akagi

Business Platform Services Headquarters, Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

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