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Explore Octo's capabilites that are crafted a team who uses it to manage our own cloud cost

Cost group(s)

With Octo’s Cost group(s), you can piece up different combinations of accounts, tags, regions and services together and name it whatever you want

A single source of truth for cloud cost data

Create a common language of cloud cost within your organization regardless of team’s function through shareable visual reports

Report dashboard

Build the cloud cost report to your liking with visual widgets without having to crunch through endless pages of spreadsheets

Flexible report creation

Have the ability to create as many reports as you need in the Dashboard and you can set them to Private or Shared which is viewable by everyone

Cost optimization

Designed to streamline your cloud usage and maximize efficiency, ensuring you only pay for what you need

Discount plan recommendation

Receive discount plan purchase recommendations of all of the major cloud service providers to save for the future


Gain rightsizing suggestions based on on your Cost Group usage activity and adjust your instance type within Octo


Octo’s alerts keeps you stay up to date with your spending without needing your constant attention

Cost alerts

Keeps track of your daily spending compared to the previous day based on a percentage or fixed amount threshold you set

Anomaly detection

Octo automatically keeps track of any abnormal cost spikes across your cost groups based on your frequency settings

Discount expiration reminder

Stay up-to-date on the expiration date of your savings plan discounts to avoid any resource wastage


Octo processes complex calculations to enable you to distribute your discounts or cost from one account to multiple accounts so that you can enjoy maximum savings opportunities

Per unit cost

Octo enables you to identify cost in different units such as customer, product, business and etc. Enabling you to identify gaps to scale and grow your business

Powerful features for larger organizations

API integration

Utilize our open API to link data from Octo to your own system or services


Forget about having to remember multiple sets of user credentials. Use only one set of credentials which is easy, fast, and secure

The platform that supports all of your cloud needs

Third-party apps

The Octo team is always looking for opportunities to serve you better in the realm of multi-cloud services by working with third-party apps to bring more support and capabilities to help you maximise your return on cloud investment
coming soon

Budget management

Setting budget in each cost groups

You can set up budget for up to 12 months and enable alerts when your actual spending surpasses a certain threshold

View forecast spending

When you use Octo for more than 6 months, it will show you the forecast spending when you are creating a budget based on previous spending data

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