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December 23, 2021

2021: Year-in-Review

Hajime Hirose
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We look back to another year as it draws to a close and do what we always do when the year ends: express our gratitude, reflect on the past, and plan for the future.

The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to dominate our lives since the beginning of 2020. As individuals, businesses, and governments continue to feel the effects of the pandemic, more effort is being poured to shift people's mindset, attitudes, and behaviors for better assimilation to the new normal.

Being a tech company, we continue to see innovation and adoption of new technologies at a rapid pace. As more businesses are moving towards the cloud, cloud financial management is becoming an increasing priority and Alphaus is more determined than ever to simplify cloud for cloud users.

Join us as we share a recap of the cloud financial management industry and our company in 2021.

2021 Recap

Worldwide, public cloud infrastructure spend is growing around 30% annually. Our clients, particularly MSPs, are experiencing the same level of growth in their cloud reselling business. Some even experienced higher growth, backed by the operational efficiency through our offering Ripple. On average, cloud spend managed in Ripple per customer has increased by 34%, 34 new billing groups were added, which is 40% higher than in 2020, while 25% of Ripple users are operating in a multicloud environment. Alphaus also acquired our first international client, Cloud Comrade - an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Google Premier Partner, and Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner, as part of our expansion into the Southeast Asia region. As business continues to grow, so does the need for well managed and optimized cloud operations.

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At Alphaus, we believe that our clients' success is our success, which is why providing superior customer experience is one of the core tenets/principles at Alphaus. In 2021, we extended our support on Ripple to two public cloud service providers: Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. We also reached the market with 137 product updates and releases for an improved user and product experience. In a rapidly changing cloud industry, our team is up to date with the changes that are being implemented by public cloud service providers. Our team has been developing faster and are highly specialized in solving the problems and accommodating to our clients' needs.

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Our team also successfully launched two strong new features, upon discovery of increasing challenges for cloud resellers and user companies to precisely grasp cloud cost data, as well as manage and satisfy the diverse needs of end clients. With this, cloud cost optimization becomes increasingly difficult due to the sheer number of services and billing options available for each public cloud provider. Our new features, Wave PRO and Aqua were built with these challenges in mind, as well as to provide a seamless experience for organizations implementing and operating in the CFM framework. Some of our advanced MSP clients who have adopted Wave PRO immediately have an added advantage among their competitors, through the provision of cost analytics, as part of their cloud consultancy services offered to their end users.

What's Next?

We will witness further cloud adoption and utilization in 2022 as many studies articles predicts the upcoming trends, examples of which are shown below:

Cloud computing trends for 2022 - IDG Connect

The 5 biggest cloud computing trends in 2022 - Forbes

11 Cloud Technology Predictions for 2022 - Database Trends & Applications

Predicting Cloud Trends for 2022: Migration, Multicloud and ESG - eWeek

By browsing the articles above, you will be able to see Just a browse of those articles will bring you a common set of keywords, e.g. cloud native, multicloud – terms we’ve been familiar with for years and we’ve seen becoming a reality. It was a surprise for many to see AWS announced to add a new pillar “Sustainability” to its Well-Architected Framework in re:Invent 2021, and we can anticipate to see sustainability or ESG as an upcoming trend in the cloud industry. some articles had picked sustainability or ESG as the upcoming cloud trend in advance.

Continuing corporate demand for digital transformation (DX) will keep increasing investment on cloud infrastructure. The rapid cloud shift and adoption brings about the need for MSPs with deeper cloud experience and industry vertical knowledge, while drawing more attention to cost management and optimization.arouses the needs for MSPs which have deeper cloud experience and often industry vertical knowledge. And the attention to cost management and optimization will come out while the investment on cloud increases.

Alphaus  continues to support keeps supporting MSPs so that they are able to provide a better cloud experience for their end customers. providing their end customers with a better cloud experience. Its' upcoming offerings now under planning for enterprises and SMBs is in the works and will also be  a key offering for smaller organizations in their cloud cost management efforts.the next keys for value addition. Multiple dashboards designed for various types of roles and responsibilities in the organization will help MSPs to give  provide professional advice to their customers concerned with better, more efficient and impactful cloud investments as well as help enterprises and SMBs directly.

Alphaus is also planning to undergo an audit and obtain a third-party certification so that MSPs can be further confident of our offerings when introducing them to the customers. With the strict compliance checklist cleared, our offerings will be much safer and trusted even for industries which require the highest level of security.

As we wrap up 2021, we would like to thank you for your continued cooperation and for putting your trust in our products and services. We look forward to building better and stronger ties with you in the coming year.

Kindly be informed that many of our team members will be away from December 29th, 2021 and will resume work on January 4th, 2022. There will likely be a delay in response, but rest assured, we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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