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Campaign period:
27th March - 30th April, 2024
🥳 Limited time offer!

Unlock Cloud Cost Savings with Octo

Take control of your cloud costs and maximize your cloud ROI with Octo. For a limited time only, we’re excited to offer Octo at an exclusive price,this offer is only limited to the first 30 companies that apply. 

Special campaign offer

$8/month for 6 months

Normal price $800/month

Free FinOps Audit

Offer limited to the first 30 companies only


Companies or organizations with monthly AWS spend of $3,000 or more and less than $20,000 are eligible.
* During the campaign period, you can cancel at any time. Please note that billing for usage fees will be done through AWS Marketplace.

What are current user says

Thanks to Octo, we have been liberated from the Excel nightmare as it now automatically generates dashboards for financial purposes and monthly reviews with management
Ryan Wood
Head of Engineering, Electroroute Japan


I have AWS usage of less than $3,000, can I still apply?
If you have less than $3,000 usage in AWS, you may still reach out to us to discuss.
I’m using other cloud service providers such as GCP and Azure, can I still apply?
Yes, we can discuss more during the demo call.
Is this offer only available for companies in Japan?
No, this offer is available for any companies that meet our requirements stated above

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Schedule a demo with one of our FinOps experts today to unlock the special campaign price of $8/month for 6 months. Plus, during the demo, you'll receive a complimentary audit of your FinOps strategy. Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to maximize your cloud ROI and gain valuable insights into your cloud spending.
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